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Digital Wonders 2013, Vol. 1, Manuel MarinoDigital Wonders 2013, Vol. 2, Manuel Marino

Te Quiero Ultimate - EP, Manuel MarinoToday I feature my house music albums, Te Quiero Ultimate and the double release Digital Wonders Vol 1 & Vol 2


Te Quiero Ultimate comes after the 2007 release. Many years have passed and I had the idea to publish a new album, a compilation of old tracks remastered and new tracks. More than a single, (it’s an EP), this release is really the ultimate edition.

All you wanted and you could ever want from the original Te Quiero is in this album, any kind of edit, style and idea has been used to create a complete product. If you liked Te Quiero, then this album is a must :)

What about the double Digital Wonders. I used different kicks, snares, drums while keeping myself in the house territory. Many different melodies and harmony progressions, many ideas so absolutely you’ll be excited by this double release.

Synths and pianos, electric basses and synth basses have been used. There’s a unique mix of ideas and sounds to create a modern soundscape of dancing tools. It’s a good release just for listening pleasure as well.

Please, let me know your ideas about these releases, here or on iTunes. Thanks.

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Manuel is working with Alvin Yap (Nexgen Studio) on Elven Legends Rise of the Nightshade.

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